A tour in the wider region of Gonies


The municipal district of "Gonies" features beautiful landscapes, gorges, spring waters, caves and a rich vegetation. The region of "Gonies" (along with the region of "Kera") has the largest forestland in the Municipality of Hersonissos.


Some of the most beautiful sites in Gonies are listed below:


  1. The "Faraggouli" ravine: located about 1km south from the settlement of "Gonies", this beautiful ravine is covered by dense vegetation and aromatic plants. The entrance is a narrow passage which widens gradually. The geological formations in some parts are really impressive. The total length of the ravine is about 2,5km and ends in the site of "Stolous", where there are fields and cottages. The landscape is panoramic.
  2. The gorge of "Ampelos": located 1km southeast from "Gonies". This beautiful gorge is crossed by the river of "Aposelemis" and features impressive rock formations and a beautiful natural environment. The total length of the gorge is 2km and can by crossed by foot or by car.
  3. The springs of "Agkathariano":  following the road that crosses the gorge of "Ampelos" to the south, you will reach three springs with year round water flow.
  4. The gorge of "Roza": this gorge is a "branch" of the gorge of "Ampelos". Its entrance is next to the provincial road that crosses the gorge of "Ampelos". Its route is south-east and leads to "Kera". It is an ideal gorge for walking and hiking.