Elderly Care Center of the Municipality of Hersonissos


The Municipality of Hersonissos founded the Elderly Care Center (K.A.P.I) in the framework of social policy programs. The Center aims to help elderly people remain active, independent and equal citizens in society.   

The Elderly Care Center of the Municipality of Hersonissos was founded on September 2001 at the port of Hersonissos, while a year later its local branch was also founded in the Municipal district of Hersonissos.


The Institution of KAPI

The Elderly Care Center is a Social Service with a 7-member Administrative Council. It is embedded to the Local Administration, which is the sole source of its funding.


The Initiatives of KAPI

  • Prevention of health, psychological and social problems that elderly people often face, in order to help them remain active and equal citizens.
  • Medical and social care services.
  • Cooperation with other social institutions in order to improve the quality of life of the elderly people according to their needs.
  • Research on issues of the third age.


Become members!

All citizens or residents of the municipal districts of the Municipality of Hersonissos who are over the age of 60, men and women, have the right to become members of KAPI without any discrimination.


Registration Documents

  • Health Insurance book
  • I.D card
  • An I.D photograph
  • An electricity or phone bill  

The Elderly Care Center of the Municipality of Hersonissos currently has 931 members. After registration, a medical and social history record is made for each new member and a membership card, which is renewed every year. There is a 5 euro registration fee and a 3 euro per year membership fee.  Members must pay extra fees to participate in the excursions organized by the Center.


Scientific Personnel

  • Social Worker: responsible for the coordination and organization of the Center. Provides psychological support and consulting services to the members and works with individual appointments, groups and communities.
  • Physiotherapist: responsible for the appropriate treatment of the members who suffer from physiological problems. Physiotherapy sessions are offered for free.
  • Auxiliary Personnel: Auxiliary Personnel includes two people who are responsible for the Center''s club.


Contact Information

Address: Filikis Eterias 11
28970 22014.
Branch of Hersonissos 28970 22191
Club opening hours:
: 7:30 am - 15:0
: 8:00 am- 7:00 pm
(Saturday and Sunday closed)