Center for the Daily Care of the Elderly (K.I.F.I)


The Center for the Daily Care of the Elderly (K.I.F.I) is an institution based on the belief that elderly people play an important role in every society and must be treated as equal citizens. Social problems often affect elderly people more than other social groups, such as poverty, social isolation, depression and abandonment. We believe that elderly people have the right to a better life in dignity in their own environment and to receive support from government programs in order to remain active and equal citizens in society.  


For these reasons, Centers for the Daily Care of the Elderly (K.I.F.I) are founded in urban and semi-urban regions, as a new social institution. These Centers are divided in small units that offer regular or daily care to elderly people in cooperation with other social services and health units. These services are directed to elderly people that need help in their everyday lives (people with mobility problems, with chronic diseases, mental problems, ect.), people that need some sort of special care, deal with economical or social problems and lack the support of their families, who are not always able to be by their side. The main goal of the Center is to help elderly people improve the quality of their lives. The services are offered during the working hours of the family members.


The Center for the Daily Care of the Elderly was founded in the Municipality of Hersonissos in 2004 and its program is conducted in cooperation with the local administration. Its services include: 

  • Social workers who estimate the needs of each individual case and offers psychological support to the elderly people and their families.
  • Nurses for the special care of each individual care
  • Auxiliary personnel for the cleaning services, cooking and serving meals to the elderly.


Contact Information

Tel: 28970-24013
Fax: 28970-24013