A tour in “Megali Hersonissos”, “Piskopiano” and “Koutouloufari”


These three traditional settlements feature a variety of cultural and natural attractions.  They offer an ideal destination for those who seek simplicity and a peaceful environment. Here you can see samples of traditional architecture and stone-made houses. You may also want to visit the Agriculture Museum of Piskopiano, featuring a variety of exhibits related to the agricultural life of the region, as well as the Basilica of the paleo-christian period.


In the wider region of "Ano Hersonissos" you can take a walk in the bearberry forest of Hersonissos, a place of unique natural beauty, covering an area of 3000 acres. The blueberry forest is only a part of a wider forestland, featuring other kinds of vegetation typical in Crete (oak-trees, olive trees, aromatic herbs, ect.). It is important to note, however, that even though it is called a "forest" the vegetation consists of short trees and bushes, as it is usually the case in Crete.  The larger advantage of the bearberry forest is that it is located in a short distance from the surrounding settlements.