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Minoan Period



Most the information available to us on the prehistoric civilization in the region of Hersonissos comes from the findings of the third and second millennium B.C., but also from the Subminoan era. These findings uncover diverse aspects of the Minoan society, such as the social structures, communications system, bureaucratic organization, religion and technology. The port of Hersonissos was continuously inhabited since the prehistoric era. However, due to the intense and constant construction activity in the region throughout the centuries, there are only a few remains left from the Minoan period, as they are usually blended with other construction phases. 


The researchers Leatham and Hood found Copper Age ceramics in the northeastern extremity of the rock of "Kastrio" at the port of Hersonissos.  The most recent excavation work in the area reaffirmed the existence of a layer of ceramics in the lower part of the slope with shells of the Subminoan or early Geometric period. Traces of a Minoan settlement are also found in the region of "Anisara". Recently, two Minoan sites were located east and west from the hotel "Nana", west from the port of Hersonissos. In the first site, Minoan ceramics were found. In the second site, ceramics were also found, as well as the remains of the foundations of a fortification wall, 50 m. from the shore, which probably extended until the small cape of "Drapano".