Deputy Mayors

With the decision 01/2024 of the Mayor of Hersonissos, Deputy Mayors in the Municipality of Hersonissos were appointed as follow:

Katsamboxakis Spyridon son of Vlasis - Deputy Mayor of Environment, Cleanliness, Recycling, Circular Economy, Office of Traffic, Organization and Operation of Engine House, Civil Protection, Trade, Entrepreneurship, Everyday Life, Municipal Police, Pet Care, control of stores and businesses of health interest and issuing of all kinds of licenses required for the operation of any business, holding, organization, body.

Makrakis Spyridon son of Constantine - Deputy Mayor of Rural Development, Irrigation, Livestock, Fisheries, Rural Road Construction, Coordination and Support of Municipal Communities of the Municipal Unit of Episkopi.

Georgios Mastorakis son of Charalambos - Deputy Mayor of Public Health, Social Policy, Social Protection and Solidarity, Social Cohesion, Infant, Toddler & Pre-School Structures, Third Age Issues and Harmonization of PWD Actions.

Batsis Dimitrios son of Christos - Deputy Mayor of Spatial Planning, Urban Planning, Technical Projects, Sustainable Development and Smooth Operation of Settlements, Quality of Life, Urban Development, Transportation, Traffic, Parking, Energy and Natural Resources and Climate Change.

Despina Plevraki daughter of Emmanuel - Deputy Mayor of Education, Culture, Sports, Equality, Volunteering, Lifelong Learning and Interconnection of the Municipality with University Institutions and Research Centers.

Plevrakis Emmanuel son of George - Deputy Mayor of Economic Affairs.

Stavroulakis Nikolaos son of George - Deputy Mayor for Administration and Human Resources, Planning, Transparency, Internal Audit, Integrity Advisor, e-Governance, Implementation of New Public Management, Total Quality Management, Supervision and responsibility of the Administrative Services and the corresponding organic units of the Municipality and specifically the responsibilities of the Directorate of Administrative Services, Registry Office, Demography, Municipal Status, Protocol and Processing, Issuance of acts of personnel changes, Service and information of citizens, Operation of the KEP, Operation of the "Transparency" program, Operation of the foreigner and immigrant services , and the responsibilities deriving from article 75 of Law 3463/2006 [Α΄114] and concerning the Directorate of Administrative Services.

Thrapsanioti Ekaterini daughter of Nikolaos - Deputy Mayor of Tourism, Employment, Innovation, Marketing and International and Public Relations, Twinning, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship Resources.

Roditakis Telemachos son of David - Deputy Mayor of Maintenance and Upgrading of School Units, Sports Facilities, Playgrounds and other common areas, Electric Lighting, Greenery, Municipal Cemeteries, Responsible Technical Workshop for minor repairs in facilities and common areas, Coordination and Support of the Operation of Municipal Units [Outside the Municipality. E. Episcopal].