Junior Energy Inspectors … …

Junior Energy Inspectors …

… are getting to know about the terms:


  • heat,
  • building thermal flows,
  • legislation on building energy efficiency as a legislative and a technical tool and
  • certification of existing or  new buildings


In parallel, they are exercising on administering an energy efficiency certificate of an existing home. 


The most important part of this exercise is that they are acquainted with modern professions that came up quite recently. 



It has been a great pleasure for the Junior Energy Inspectors to co-operate with professionals Mr. Manos Tsangarakis (Mechanical Engineer) and Mr Giannis Vourakis (Civil Engineer) who offer their experience and knowledge on a voluntary basis in order to inform and educate the younger generation.

Mr Manos Tsangarakis


Junior Energy Inspectors with their supervising teachers Mr. G. Pynirtzis and Dr. M. Theiakaki and volunteering Engineers Mr. M. Tsangarakis and Mr. G. Vourakis.  

Junior Energy Inspectors with one of their supervising teachers, working in teams.  Their exercise is calculation and administration of an energy efficiency certificate.



The pupils with their supervising teacher measure municipal buildings’ area.