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Mayor of Hersonisos

«Preservation and proper management of resources, is one of the major scopes of the Municipal Authority of Hersonissos. We promote viable solutions at local level targeting climatic changes in order to protect the environment»

Zacharias Emm. Doxastakis, Mayor of Hersonissos




«Promotion of environmental-friendly policies and citizens’ attitude change, are of great importance for achieving the “Covenant of Mayors” scopes»

Maria Symeonidou-Sideris, MSc, PhD, Communications Manager for Covenant of Mayors




«For many years we have been living under the belief that Earth has an unlimited capacity to withstand human activity. Lately, we realized that Earth’s capacity is restricted. We have to do our best to fully reverse our course ».

Fani Anastasiou, MSc, Environmental Consultant





Everyone of us, needs to contribute in order to meet the targets set within the framework of the “Covenant of Mayors” initiative.  Actions’ implementation by authorities and raising awareness amongst citizens are the two elements that will lead us through our targets.

Fotis Mavromatakis, Associate Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Crete



«Structure of modern society and economy impose a new model of financial growth, with its epicenter on people and the environment»

Manos Michelekakis, MSc Economist




Return back to our “grass-root” values with simultaneous employment of modern technology, is the only way to invert the environmental effects that our generation and the previous one have created. We can thus create a world worth living for the generations to come.

Manolis Tzompanakis, IT Specialist for the Covenant of Mayors