Energy Inspectors Junior


Nikos Iliakopoulos: With hard work and will we can secure a better tomorrow.


Dimitris Tsekeris: Due to the project, I learned a lot of things I was not aware of. I realized that it takes hard work and commitment in order to elaborate this project.


Eleni Paraskeva: We protect Earth by introducing Reneable Energy Resources! :


Orestis Bitti: A simple move today, a big gain for the future.


Eleni Amarianitaki: With school as our guide and with our commitment we can protect our earth.


Anna Papadaki: We destroyed the environment by acting undisturbed. The consequences are now visible!! It is time to wake up.


Mihalis Papadakis: It is worth trying for a better tomorrow.


Dimitris Ritsopoulos: We have to protect the environment.

Vaso Savvaki: We are aiming at a better tomorrow with no environmental pollution.

Vaggelis Vozikakis: Everything needs energy.

Kleio Louloudaki: Save the planet.


Ioanna Daskalaki: I love nature.


Maria Vogiatzi: I love the environment.


Stella Papadaki: We all have to try for a better future and a better life.


Mihalis Xirakis: We are honoured to live in our environment. However it does not belong to us we merely borrow it from nature. This is the rason why every generation has the obligation to protect it from its own activities that are becoming more and more polluting. Therefore, let’s all try together for a sustainable development without over using non-renewable energy resources and without introducing nuclear power. “Do not underestimate the environment you are living in, because you will end up pitiful and mean” .


Supervising Teachier Pyrintzis Georgios: In future, the ones who will become energy and food autonomous will be truly independent.