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Eco-logy and Eco-nomy…

«Ecology» and «Economy» are derivatives of the word Eco, that in ancient Greek means Home.   “The same strong relation they have in Nature”, Dr. Petros Lymberakis from the Natural History Museum of Heraklion,  mentioned yesterday while addressing the pupils of the Senior High School of Gouves working on the project «Sustainable Energy Actions: Reduction of Energy Consumption & Use of Renewable Energy Resources»Dr Lymberakis addressed the relationship between Biodiversity and Climate Change during his speech and discussed related issues with the pupils. 


Nature is always opting for the most efficient and economical way (in terms of energy) for its operations.  Nature is not revenging humans for their actions but is issuing an invoice and lately is demanding its payout in full.  Are eventually Humans acting in terms of saving up natural resources?

Within this framework, pupils of the 1st Grade in Gouves Senior High school (ages 15-16) are playing the role of “Junior Energy Inspectors…..”.  They monitor the electric energy consumption of their school, the Town Hall and their library building, and in the meantime suggest ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 


Since ECO-logy and ECO-nomy and strongly interrelated, pupils took an interview of the Finance Deputy Mayor of Hersonissos, Mr. Mastorakis Ioannis.  The questions focused on electric energy  spending in the Municipality of Hersonissos and on the political initiatives that the Municipal Authority is undertaking in order to reduce its carbon footprint. 


Συνέντευξη με τον Αντιδήμαρχο Οικονομικών Υπηρεσιών κ. Μαστοράκη Ιωάννη.



Παρουσίαση του Βιολόγου Ερευνητή κ. Λυμπεράκη Πέτρου.


«Ενεργειακοί Επιθεωρητές Junior» με τους υπεύθυνους καθηγητές κ. Πυνηρτζή Γεώργιο, Θειακάκη Μαρία και τον κ. Λυμπεράκη