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Aegean Arts Festival


 Welcome to the Aegean Arts Festival. Thanks to a team of remarkable people, I have been able to fulfil a dream:  to create a  festival that will reveal the hidden beauty, treasures and secrets of Crete through classical music and art.  The Aegean  Arts Festival will not only feature performances from the finest international classical musicians but will also be a platform for rising stars, enabling them in turn to inspire and share their passion for music with the less-advantaged youth living in the countryside.


 The festival is co- organised by Europe Direct of the region of Crete, and thanks to  its many supporters, entrance to all the events is FREE. 


Two stunning mountain villages in the area of Heraklion will be hosting this year’s festival.   The creative art activities will take place in the picturesque mountain village of Anopolis whilst musical performances by our outstanding international artists will be held at the magical open garden theatre of Panagiotakis in Episkopi Pediados.  


These are  difficult times and the obstacles have been enormous but thanks to the support of so many wonderful organisations, local businesses, friends and volunteers, we are delighted to be able to welcome you to our first journey;  a journey that promises to forge new friendships and build long-lasting memories of the summer of 2014 on the beautiful island of Crete!