History of the City


Hersonissos is one of the oldest settlements in Crete, located in the western extremity of the gulf of Malia in a region of unique beauty that combines the blue sea with the majestic mountains of Lasithi. The name "Hersonissos" means "peninsula" in Greek, and derives from the peninsula that "closes" the western extremity of the gulf of Malia.  According to historical evidence, the city of Hersonissos was inhabited since the Minoan times (around 1500 B.C). At the beach, in the site of "Anisaras" west from the port of Hersonissos, there was a Minoan settlement and many valuable findings were discovered in the area. Variations of the name "Hersonissos" were found on ancient inscriptions and monuments, such as "Hersonasos", "Herronasos", "Heronissos", and in order to distinguish it from other homonym Greek cities, it is usually recorded as "Herronisos of Crete".